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RFID UHF Anti-metal Temperature Sensitive Label Project Development

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2020-08-31 16:05:12
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of the fresh food e-commerce industry, cold chain logistics has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities; in addition, in the industrial field, high-voltage temperature monitoring is not in place, high-temperature problems caused by high-pressure mechanical bearings and other emotions The losses caused cannot be ignored. These undoubtedly further promote the wide application of UHF temperature sensing electronic tags. As RFID is one of the key technologies for temperature monitoring, the application of temperature sensing electronic tags has naturally begun to become popular.

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At present, the production and sales of temperature labels on the market are constantly expanding, and the demand is constantly increasing. After understanding and investigation, it is found that temperature tags generally have problems such as unstable reading, short reading distance and poor high temperature resistance. In 2018, Chuangxinjia launched the first-generation thermal label, which has been recognized by customers at home and abroad after its launch. According to the development trend of the market and feedback from customers in recent times, Chuangxinjia has summarized the following more popular demand directions.

Demand direction of UHF thermal label industry

01 Power Application
The issue of electricity safety has always not been neglected. The monitoring of the transformer in the switch cabinet of the electric box is also responsible for the safety of electricity. High current can easily cause high temperature. Use the temperature sensing label to monitor the temperature in real time to avoid losses caused by the high temperature of the electrical appliance.


02 Cold chain application
The demand in the cold chain field is increasing. The transportation distance, time and temperature need to be strictly controlled. The air-conditioning in the cold chain vehicle needs to be kept within a certain standard temperature, which is the basic condition for the goods to not deteriorate. The ultra-high frequency temperature sensing tag monitors the temperature in the cold chain vehicle in real time, and provides assistance for the temperature of the vehicle during product transportation.


03 Mechanical application
Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, many people in the factory are replaced with machines. The safe operation of machines and machinery needs attention. For example, the bearings are running, the speed is very fast, and the temperature of the machine rises quickly under high-speed rotation. If there is no temperature monitoring It is easy to burn out and cause losses.


Based on market development trends and developing targeted solutions based on needs, Chuangxinjia launched the second generation of ultra-high frequency anti-metal temperature sensitive labels. RFID UHF temperature-sensitive tags are made of anti-metal materials, the target temperature monitoring range is between -40℃~80℃, the reading distance is stable outside 5m, and the accuracy is controlled within the range of ±1℃.
The binding process is adopted in the processing technology, which greatly reduces the production cost and further improves the production speed. In view of the problems of temperature-sensitive labels, the temperature-sensitive labels with light weight, low cost, high efficiency and so on are more widely applicable to different industries. Match the impedance of the chip and the antenna to perform stable and reliable temperature monitoring in a metal environment. The chip can cope with harsh environments with small errors; it operates stably during its life cycle with small temperature reading distance changes.

Chuangxinjia conducts research on temperature-sensitive labels and solutions in anti-metal environments, and improves the application of temperature-sensitive labels in special environments. Adopt different solutions for different needs, optimize product quality, and keep on learning and progress to solve practical problems for customers.