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RFID Campus Card Solution

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com/ 2019-12-27 10:18:16

ONE. RFID campus card social needs:

At present, most children are single children, and the students' personal safety, extracurricular activities and education are directly related to the harmony and happiness of a family. However, due to the limited teaching staff and the backward technological methods, the management of students is still in the manual management stage and the primary stage of computer-aided management. The information feedback is not timely and the information communication with parents is seriously insufficient. As a child's parent, you Are you worried that you are too busy at work and have too little time to communicate with your child? With only a few occasions of parent-teacher meetings and the school's usual irregular feedback, it is difficult to pass on enough students to the school. It can even be seen from the news media that the students and the school are not cooperating due to truancy and leaving It was not discovered in time until an accident occurred. The automatic identification of student safety SMS service system is a set of high-tech equipment developed for the above problems, which completely solves the information communication between parents and schools, and is an effective means to ensure the safety of students 'access and to manage the content of students' extra-curricular activities.

TWO. Overview of the scheme of RFID campus card:

Automatic identification student safety SMS service system is a world-leading comprehensive information management system developed using high-tech RFID, mobile phone SMS service platform and computer information processing technology. An information service platform for the majority of primary and secondary schools and parents of students.
Its working mechanism is:
A long-distance passive proximity card is hung on each student's chest. When a student arrives at the school gate, a nearby reader immediately reads the proximity card worn by the student and outputs the card number of the proximity card to the Student safety SMS service system, the system immediately sends a mobile text message to the student's parents according to the pre-recorded information, such as "your child has reached school"; Similarly, if a student leaves the school gate, the system immediately sends a text message to the student ’s parents according to the pre-recorded information, such as "your child leaves school."

With the automatic identification of the student's safety message system, parents can not only get timely information about the child's arrival and departure time, including the child's test results, homework reviews, recent performance, and various school notifications and activity information can be sent to parents in a timely manner At hand, parents can know the child's school situation at the first time, so as to effectively cooperate with the school to provide guidance and education to the child; Schools can manage students more effectively and communicate closely with parents, thereby improving the overall level of teaching management and laying the foundation for subsequent campus information management. Automatic identification of student safety text messaging system makes communication between parents, schools and children unlimited and makes care "anytime, anywhere". Therefore, for the safety and education of children, we welcome your inquiries.

THREE: Advantages of RFID campus card system

1.For parents
Get timely information about your child's arrival (school) and departure (school) time, and learn about the safety of your child on the way to school; Get timely school notifications (parent meetings, educational assistance information required from parents, holiday notices, etc.); Keep abreast of the student's study situation on the day or stage (requires the school to provide corresponding services).

2. For the school's centralized attendance management, it is convenient to understand the student arrival situation from school to class, timely find out the absence of students, avoid liability disputes caused by the school and parents, and also provide the school with legal solutions Basis. It can provide parents with information services for supplementary education, which can be divided from the opened services; education can be better coordinated by parents, which is beneficial to improving the quality of education. Schools can use this system as the attendance system for teachers and students of the school, and automatically generate attendance reports every month without the need to install additional time attendance machines.

3. For education management institutions to understand the situation of students in all schools in the city in real time, to facilitate timely detection of problems, and to evaluate the level of school student attendance management; access to a real-time communication system with all parents. If you encounter SARS, typhoon and other unexpected situations, you can notify the city's parents of the emergency situation as soon as possible, fast, accurate, and high notification rate to ensure the safety of students.

4. Convenience of inquiry The system is an online version, which can be installed on any computer in the school, which is convenient for related school departments to inquire and print relevant information, such as the principal's office, school security office, class teacher's office, and so on.

5. Low prices are suitable for the consumption of most students. Automatic identification of multi-functional school badge card is not easy to be damaged, can be used for a long time, the card fee can be deposited, and students can be refunded after graduation or transfer. Students who enjoy this service only need to pay a low SMS service fee every month.

6. The value-added service operator can sell the naming rights of the card to a local influential company, thereby obtaining a large advertising cost. Because the products produced by these companies are closely related to the consumption of students, such as stationery, food and beverages, such advertising effects will be more obvious, and advertising costs are much more saved than television stations.

7. Automatic tracking This system uses a series of long-distance proximity cards and card readers of automatic identification equipment. It has the following characteristics: card reading speed can reach 60 km / h; card reading working distance can generally reach 1.2-5 meters; the maximum can be simultaneously. Therefore, students wearing these cards do not need to show cards or swipe cards at the school gate, the system can quickly read the cards worn by students, even if dozens of students pass through the school gate at the same time, it does not affect the rapid identification of all cards. More importantly, the unique direction recognition technology of the automatic recognition device card reader ensures that the system can accurately identify whether the student is arriving or leaving school.

8. Multi-purpose card (optional)
Due to the multi-zone feature of the RFID contactless card, this card can be extended with many other functions, such as being able to be used at the same time for the rice sales system, book borrowing system, and small shop consumption. One Card "device.

If you have large quantities, welcome to inquire, we will welcome you very much.