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Why Are Pet Tags So Popular In The Market?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2015-01-21 11:35:06

Why are pet tags so popular now? Because with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, raising dogs and cats has now become an intimate partner of modern people's lives. Whether in the energetic morning or after dinner in the evening, some people will walk around with their pets.



chuangxinjia nfc pet tags

Therefore, how to effectively strengthen pet management, put in place measures such as quarantine and quarantine, ensure public health safety, and promote the harmonious development of the pet industry, has become a hot and focus issue of all sectors of society, especially pet management departments.

The RFID dog vaccine management system fundamentally solves the problems of pet loss, abandonment and supervision. The pet electronic chip with the unique universal identification code (UID) will be used as the pet's electronic ID card, and it will accompany the pet throughout his life. Store the basic information of pets, and transmit the data to the computer application software through the reader. So as to realize the automatic identification and analysis of pet identity, owner, and its lifetime reproduction, health, epidemic prevention and other information, and realize the informatization of pet management.


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Low LF RFID is now popular in the animal tag market. First of all, the technical characteristics of LF RFID are very suitable for the animal market. Because of the management of animals, it is often necessary to inject tags into the animal's body, which will be blocked by the animal's body and liquid. The advantage of LF RFID's good penetration performance is reflected in such a scene.

However, it should be pointed out that the shortcomings of LF RFID that cannot perform group reading have certain limitations in the application of rapid animal inventory. The demand for some animal tags is to quickly count cattle and sheep when moving pastures. UHF RFID is currently used in such scenarios. But this does not affect the promotion of LF RFID in the field of animal tags.


uhf rfid animal tags

Due to the openness of the pet chip user data area, as long as you have a reading device that complies with the chip protocol, you can read the open information of the pet. In this way, pet supervision departments, epidemic prevention departments, pet hospitals, etc. can easily share pet information. The management of pets brings great convenience.