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The Magical Use Of NFC Tags Built Into Clothing

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-11-12 11:01:18

Recently, Nike and the NBA have jointly launched a new jersey series Connected Jersey. The biggest feature of the Connected Jersey series of jerseys is the addition of the NFC chip. Using Nike's Nike Connect technology, fans can interact with the jersey to obtain NBA-related information and obtain a personalized wearing experience.



The Magical Use Of NFC Tags Built Into Clothing

This is another attempt by Nike to integrate technological elements into the product experience. Connected Jersey integrates jerseys, smartphones and Nike Connect applications. At the bottom of the jersey, the brand new series will display the Nike Connect icon with an embedded NFC chip, which can help the wearer obtain real-time team and player information, using the jersey as a medium Close the distance between users and sports content.


NFC Tags Built Into Clothing

For some specially customized clothing, such as special-purpose clothing such as game uniforms, military and police uniforms, bank uniforms, factory tooling, hospital "white coats" or nurse uniforms, NFC smart chip clothing can also have excellent application performance.


chuangxinjia NFC Tags Built Into Clothing

Application 1: Identity recognition. The identity of the wearer is recognized through smart clothing, and the recognition information includes facial features and other content to achieve precise security management.


chuangxinjia nfc chip

Application 2: Data management. The personnel information, related data and other information of the sports team can be recorded in the clothing worn, so that the back-end support staff can remotely diagnose and adjust the specific status of the athletes and realize other related functions.

Application 3: Unified laundry. For uniforms that need to be sent and received uniformly for cleaning, the waterproof and washable chip can efficiently and quickly identify the information of the clothing owner, avoiding mixed wear and mixed hair, which affects the use.

Application 4: Office area management. Workers wearing smart tooling can pass through restricted areas without barriers. According to the identity and authority of the staff, when a person enters an unauthorised area, he can immediately give an early warning to the relevant department.