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For More NFC Functions, Apple Phones Have Opened up NFC Permissions

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2021-04-21 15:45:22

Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturers will regard NFC function as a selling point in their announcements, and they will be equipped with NFC function on high-end mobile phones.


Chuangxinjia mobile nfc


NFC is developed by non-contact radio frequency identification technology + wireless interconnection technology. In simple terms, it can be used as a function of a physical card, such as common bank cards and access control cards. NFC technology can realize multiple functions such as electronic payment, identity authentication, data exchange, and anti-counterfeiting. It is a new type of business in the field of mobile communications.


apple nfc tags


According to foreign media 9to5Mac, Apple will hold a WWDC developer conference in June 2021. At this conference, Apple will bring an upgrade of NFC-related functions, which also means that the iPhone will get more NFC functions, such as broader and more extensive Direct transportation card function.

For a long time, Apple's NFC function can only be used for Apple's own Apple Pay mobile payment. At present, developers can only read the iPhone NFC data exchange format NDEF. Although Apple has plans to provide more permissions for iPhone NFC, for Apple, there are still many restrictions on the expansion of NFC functions.


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In addition, according to reports, Siri will also gain control of third-party applications, strengthening HomePod's ability to control third-party services. In addition, Apple is studying the launch of a new AR architecture, the purpose is to allow developers to use virtual tools to create, rather than limited to program code.

So what is the NFC function? What does the NFC function do?

1. Access card

If the mobile phone has its own NFC function, we can bind the community access card with the mobile phone, and use the NFC function to replace the community access card. There is no need to carry the access card, as long as you bring your mobile phone, you can easily pass the community access control.


chuangxinjia access card


2. Bus card

The NFC function of the mobile phone is mostly used for the bus card function. The bus card function is activated in the wallet tool that comes with the mobile phone. You can pay for the bus or subway by placing the mobile phone close to the card reader. It is very convenient and fast, avoiding the problem of finding no change when going out.


chuangxinjia bus cards

3. Payment function

In today's life, it is very common for us to use online payment. From the purchase of large household appliances to the purchase of fruits and vegetables, we will use mobile phone WeChat and Alipay to pay, but Alipay WeChat needs to open the application to scan the code to complete the payment. Paid. The mobile phone with NFC function can be directly used as a physical bank card after the bank card is bound.


chuangxinjia nfc payment


4. Data Transmission

NFC can also transfer files quickly, without the need to use the network to transfer files such as video and audio.Compared with traditional Bluetooth, the NFC communication setting procedure is simple, and the communication establishment time is very short, only about 0.1s; while the Bluetooth communication setting procedure is relatively complicated and the communication establishment time is longer. But compared with Bluetooth, the disadvantage is that the transmission distance is short and the transmission speed is slow.

NFC function is an emerging communication technology. Compared with traditional communication methods, NFC payment is mainly used to virtualize mobile phones with NFC function into bank cards, all-in-one cards, etc., as physical cards. In terms of security, the mobile phone is mainly virtualized into access control. Card use. Proper use can help us travel more conveniently in our lives without the need to carry many cards containing information.