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Airport Luggage Tag to Avoid Losing Luggage

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-03-31 11:15:56
Now more and more people travel, the way is also varied. Whether it is long-distance travel or short trips, there will always be a pile of luggage. In order to avoid losing many luggage, luggage tags are widely used in the various stations, airports, hotels, waiting rooms and other places. So what is the luggage tags?  The luggage tag is used to identify the luggage. It is a tagged board with number, name and letter made of various materials. As a certificate for tourists to claim luggage. When used in luggage bag, it can remind others not to take the wrong. Especially in a large number of luggage to quickly find their own. Even if the luggage is lost the airport staff can also contact themselves.

Do you still worry about losing your luggage or taking the wrong luggage? Come and have a look the exclusive "identity card" of luggage. This product is generally made of pvc material, plastic luggage tags contain plastic loops and boards. The company logo can be printed on loops and boards. Reusable, wear-resistant, easy to clean, long lasting.

Use: Luggage tag is the mark of luggage bag, can be used in the luggage storage office, or their own use. The luggage factory can presented it to customers who buy luggage. Has an advertising effect of low cost. Widely used in shoes, clothing, handbags, hats, toys, luggage trademarks and daily life advertising promotions, process decoration, etc.