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Do you Know the Advantages of M1 Smart Cards and Multifunction Applications?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-04-27 18:16:00
M1 smart card
M1 smart card is mifare s50 card or mifare s70 card what we usually say. It is a card that we commonly used. Application of M1 smart card is quite extensive. The current application areas are access cards, parking cards, medical cards, membership cards and so on.

M1 smart card is a multi-function card that uses a non-contact method to exchange and input the information with the readers. The chip of M1 smart card is produced by a subsidiary of Philip NXP. The current chip of M1 smart card is commonly used S50 chip and S70 chip.

Advantage of M1 smart card( mifare classic cards )
M1 smart card is just like the non-contact IC card. IC card is made of pvc, packaged antenna and IC technology. M1 smart card has the multifunctional advantages of readable and writable. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly expensive, the sensing distance is short. It is suitable for non-fixed consumption system, parking system, access control attendance system.

1. User convenience of M1 smart card
MIFARE is optimized for user convenience. For example, high-speed data transmission allows complete ticketing transactions to be processed in less than 100 ms. So the user does not have to stay at the reader antenna. It reduced the bus boarding time. At the time of the transaction, MIFARE card can stay in the wallet, and even coins in the wallet is not affected.

2. Security of M1 smart card
Mutual and random, answer authentication, data encryption, message authentication check, to prevent a variety of crack and tampering, these make it more suitable for ticketing applications. The unchangeable serial number guarantees the uniqueness of each card.

Multi-application function of M1 smart card: MIFARE provides a real multi-application function that can be comparable to a CPU card.

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