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Why use RFID anti-metal tag?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2018-11-05 14:07:07
RFID anti-metal tag adds a kind of anti-metal material on the original basis, which can prevent the tags and metal objects bond failure. The tag of this material is called RFID anti-metal tag. Anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated tag, which technically solves the problem that the tag cannot be attached to the metal surface. This tag is waterproof, acid proof, alkali resistant, anti-collision, and can be used outdoors.
RFID anti-metal tag
RFID anti-metal tags can work in a high temperature environment with stable performance and are very suitable for IT assets of RFID metal tags. Such as computer mainframes, switches, server chassis, aluminum strips and shelf identification.

Usage scenarios are as follows:
1. Warehousing asset management;
2. Indoor equipment management;
3. IT asset management;
4. Metal sheet management;
5. Medical device management

Why do we use RFID anti-metal tags, because they not only have high temperature resistance, stable performance, but also have the following 7 advantages. To achieve effective management of items in a metal environment, RFID anti-metal tags are a good choice.
1. Users can customize reading and writing the standard data of RFID anti-metal tags to make the special application system more efficient.
2. RFID anti-metal tag is suitable for frequency hopping mode, with superior anti-interference ability.
3. RFID anti-metal tag effective reading distance of up to 8 meters (related to readers and antennas)
4. RFID anti-metal tag adopts ultra-wide working frequency band design, which not only meets relevant industry regulations, but also can be flexibly developed and applied.
5. Can read and write multiple RFID anti-metal tags (up to 50pcs/sec) at the same time, without being limited or affected by the number of tags in the work area.
6. The storage area allows the user to perform encrypted read, write, erase and write operations, and also creates a permanent dedicated word area dedicated to the specified user.
7. RFID anti-metal tag does not need a battery, the memory can be repeatedly erased more than 10,000 times, the effective service life is more than ten years, and more cost-effective.

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