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Textile Fabric RFID Laundry Tags Help Linen Laundry Management

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2018-06-06 15:34:07

The laundry is a very important job in the daily management of the hotel. Due to laundry factories need to classify linen according to color, texture, use category, and dirt category before laundry. Manual processing usually takes 2~8 people to spend several hours to sort different cloths into different chutes, which is quite time-consuming. This does not include the time classify and count the amount of cloth lost or stolen for different customers after washing. With the help of textile RFID laundry tags, it can solve this problem for linen laundry companies.

textile RFID laundry tags

RFID laundry tags can solve efficiency problems
Assuming that every piece of linen is sewn into an RFID laundry tag, when the linen stitched with an RFID laundry tag goes through the assembly line, the reader will identifythe information in the tag and know what type of identified linen is, where it needs to be delivered to or inside the machine. In this way, using RFID can liberate the time formanually sorting linen, and can quickly send cloth to the next laundry procedure, replacing the traditional method of distinguishing barcodes by artificial eyes, improving efficiency.

RFID laundry tags can predict the life of linen
On the other hand, because the RFID tags sewn into the linen will record the information of the linen, the system can clearly understand the cleaning times of each piece of linen. The textile fabric RFID laundry tag has 200 cycles of washing times, washable, dry cleaning, acid and alkali resistant, softness, bending resistance, and repeated rubbing. At the same time it can withstand high temperature 120 °C ironing 10 minutes. When the system shows that the number of cleanings is close to the critical value, the washing company can promptly provide the hotel with the rag orders plan and provide the hotel with a series of post-maintenance services.

Inventory management and theft management
The linen used RFID laundry tags, can use RFID readers take stock of the inventory, understand the inventory of linen, to solve the errors caused by relying on manual management of inventory. Even if the cloth is found to be lost, you can use the tag information to understand the department, type, and tracking responsibility of the missing linen, to make up for work mistakes.