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RFID tags in the apparel industry need to solve 3 major problems

2017-08-28 16:17:32
The application advantages of RFID tags in the apparel industry make many garment production enterprises to be moved, and put into action. But in the application process, also encountered some cost and technical challenges.

rfid tags

1. The tag cost
The garment industry uses RFID technology to carry out data statistics and management, which requires the close cooperation of software, RFID reader and RFID tags. For the garment manufacturers that plan to use RFID tags, the software and the reader are basically a single investment, and there will be no major changes in the follow-up. But because of the huge number of clothing (a large garment manufacturer can produce almost 100 million pieces of clothing a year), the cost of RFID tags become a pivotal part. Even if RFID tags can be reused, tag costs are still a big investment.

2. Tag identification efficiency
Affected by RFID tag read-write characteristics, only when RFID tag plane is parallel to reader's antenna plane, the reading effect is best. Since the clothing is placedhorizontally in the packing box, when the reader reads from the horizontal and vertical direction, there could be different results. Therefore, it is suggested that the RFIDtags should be scanned multiple times in different directions in clothing quantity statistics, in order to obtain accurate quantity. In addition, multiple RFID tags overlap will also affect the reading results. As the styles and sizes of clothing are the same in each package box, the RFID tags on the clothes in the same location, which causes the position of the multiple RFID tags to overlap in the vertical direction, which may affect the reading. This requires trying to place the RFID tags in the wrong place whenplacing the clothes in the box.

3. Environmental impact
At present, the clothing styles are diverse, accessories are also different, and when the the clothing metal ornaments reach a certain amount in package box, the electromagnetic field between the RFID tag antenna and the reader antenna will be disturbed, thus affecting the normal data read. That is to say, ordinary RFID tags are not suitable forgarments with more metal decorations. If using anti-metal RFID tag, it will significantly increase the cost. Therefore, garment manufacturers should choose appropriate tags according to their needs.

In addition, clothing in the warehousing and logistics process, the external environment is often changing. In the case of different temperature and humidity, as well as thecollision and friction of external forces, RFID tag performance does not change.