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Where is the role of RFID medical wristbands mainly reflected?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-08-17 10:54:27

RFID medical wristband mainly embodies ultra-high radio frequency technology. The chip on the wristband can read the medical information of the patient at a certain distance. It has the characteristics of non-contact reading. , (pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, etc.) each data and set a certain risk value, once it exceeds, it will automatically remind on the computer. Moreover, the RFID wristband does not need to print the basic information of the patient on the wristband like the identification wristband, which can effectively protect the privacy of the patient.

RFID medical wristbands are most suitable for special groups such as elderly people who are prone to fainting and coma, unconscious or unconscious mental patients, people with language communication impairments, and children.

For example, when an elderly patient with heart disease was walking in the hospital, he suddenly felt unwell and fainted. At this time, the people next to him or the doctors and nurses had no way to know how to change the patient's identity information. However, if a medical wristband is worn, the medical staff can observe the patient's wristband chip blood pressure and respiratory data on the computer and show that the blood pressure and respiratory data have exceeded the normal value, determine the location according to the chip's location to go to the rescue, and use the PDA to scan the RFID wristband. The chip on hand can clearly know that the patient has heart disease, and make corresponding special examinations or treatment measures according to the patient's information, so as to not delay the disease and achieve precise treatment.

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