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RFID Credit Card Protector Prevent Hackers From Stealing Card Data

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-03-30 18:08:28
Once upon a time, there was an episode: "a friend recently has earned a lot of money, earning more than ten thousand yuan one day. I asked him how to come so fast, He said he got an individual bus operation, hanging in the bus company name. Every day the car is still running, but the card reader of car bus removed, the sound of the speaker pinch off, his wife back it in the bag, squeezed into the subway inside. As long as close to the person's backpack, two pieces of money at hand! Dare not deduct more money, otherwise easy to be discovered ... ... "

Later, some people really was arrested by using this method. Whether you will feel that money on your card can be swiped without a trace.

In fact, not just a bus card. More terrible than bus card was stolen brush is the hacker reads and modifies the flash bank card data.

About smart card security, the function of our company's RFID credit card protector is to protect data security of the flash bank card, the second generation ID card and the bus card. To prevent the long-standing RFID Skimming attack occurred. To prevent radio frequency hackers using remote radio frequency read and write equipment to obtain or modify the card sensitive data at any time. If you need this rfid credit card protector, you can contact us. Free samples can be provided for quality test purpose.