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Jobs Said NFC Will Popularize In Smart Mobile Phone

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-05-12 15:12:03
NFC mobile phone is not strange for us. In 2004, Nokia 3220 had NFC function but that function has not been still popular.

IPHONE without NFC function, because Jobs thinks it is stupid and meaningless technology, to put it in Jobs' words that is fraud. The ex-president of FED Greenspan recall, some day in the middle of february, 2011. Steve.Jobs talked with him on NFC. However, Apples launched Iphone 6 and supported NFC function even Apple Pay be a wind vane in NFC applications after dialogue has been over 3 years. So it is the era of mobile phone with NFC coming?

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Firstly, let us get more knowledge about what is NFC

NFC is short for Near Field Communication(nfctagfactory), it is kind of contactless point to point data transmission and joint development by NXP and Sony, it can near field communication among mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and smart objects, even compatible with existing contactless IC card technology. NFC mobile phone includes NFC mould phone, it can be used for many applications through NFC function in mobile phone. So what can NFC do?

1: Mobile payment: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and different kinds of Pay will be coming soon, make payment more security.

2: Door control access: for example our estate control access, if we have right verification code we can touch then can access, it will be more convenience than we take card everyday.

3: Data transmission: put 2 pieces NFC mobile phone and back to back, we can make photo, music data transmission through Android Beam.

4: Browsing information: put NFC mobile phone to NFC function communal facilities, you can brow the transportation, shows and weather.

5: Smart label: can set up related application in advance into label, then mobile phone touch them and make some applications come true.

6: Reading card information: for example bank card consumer recording, the balance, etc.

So we can learn NFC function in mobile phone can bring many surprises and convenience, although NFC mobile phone popularize still face many problems, and still need some time for completely coming true. We have recognized Apply Pay already to make breakthrough and attracted many followers to enter into NFC mobile phone market.

We believe that following more and more enterprises, merchants and consumers join the NFC market, they can complete the NFC industry chain further and make qualitative leap for whole NFC technology application and development.