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CXJ Introduces You How to Choose the Right Access Control Smart Card

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-03-08 11:08:53
Many customers may ask a question: I want an access control smart card, but do not know what kind of type or what kind of access control smart card is better? For this issue, our explanation is that every kind RFID smart card has its own advantages and disadvantages, but regarding the security, the best way is to use a smart card with high security chip.

access control smart card

At present, access control smart card has two types, low-frequency and high-frequency. Low-frequency access control smart card is the most popular one, because some of them are easy to copy, and the price is relatively cheap. But which smart card is better in the end?

In fact, low-frequency smart card and high-frequency smart card are of no difference in usage. Their main difference is that some low-frequency smart card is read-only and cannot write, with a unique smart card number; high-frequency smart card has read and write functions, good encryption. Some low-frequency smart card can be copied, high-frequency smart card can be encrypted, which is safer comparing to low-frequency smart card, not easily to be cloned, so the high-frequency smart card is more expensive than the low-frequency smart cards in the market.

High-frequency smart card can integrate complex key authentication and authentication logic, which will replace the previous magnetic smart card and low-frequency smart card in the near future definitely. Because many low-frequency smart card systems have flaws, like inherent non-key authentication, can read and can not be written, need to rely entirely reply on network operation, it has not adapted to the implementation of the unit smart smart card cartoon growing demand.

Low-frequency smart card is only be used in some specific management systems. If the system only requires user identification, we recommend low frequency smart card, this can reduce costs. If the system needs more functions, we recommend high-frequency smart card considering the security, a long-term investment benefit.

How to choose access control smart card

To the current development trend and security point of view, it's better to choose high-frequency smart card. Now the cost of high-frequency smart card is lower, and the security is good, so whether it is for individuals or businesses, please choose high security, high frequency access control smart card is the best choice.

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