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How to block RFID signal with RFID blocking card

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2018-11-22 10:05:05
RFID blocking card adopts the RFID blocking technology circuit board to blocking the RFID signals. By placing the HF RFID blocking card in your wallet or within 3cm of the card signal, we can achieve the effect of blocking the signal. No matter what equipment the criminals use, they can't steal your card information, ensuring safe carrying and preventing information leakage.

RFID blocking card to protect credit cards from being scanned

In response to criminals who use RFID to steal bank card and bus card user information, RFID blocking sleeves and RFID blocking cards have begun to appear on the market. Just keep a special card of bank card size in your wallet to protect all the cards in your wallet. It is very convenient and practical.

For high-frequency (13.56MHz) smart card information security, launched a high-frequency anti-theft shield card, which is specially used to protect the data security of chip bank card, second-generation id card, bus card and other high frequency smart card. In appearance, RFID shield card size is the same as ordinary bank cards. When you put your bank card and id card together with RFID shield card, the wireless signal of your smart card will be effectively blocked.

Generally, RFID blocker card is mainly used in the wallet.

In recent years, with the development of NFC technology, bank cards accidentally touched the mobile phone, it will jump out of the recent consumption record details. RFID shield card can add a lock to your wallet, and the bank card information in the wallet is not leaked. Easy to use, with the credit card inserted in the wallet.

RFID blocker card is designed and produced by RFID integrated circuit chip. It can be freely used in wallets and bags of various shapes. It is the protector of wallets and bags. Ultra-thin design, can be inserted in the wallet like a credit card, and adopts RFID passive design, no need to replace the battery.