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Congratulations to Chuangxinjia passed ISO9001 review

2018-01-11 19:28:59
In order to better integrate into the international market, to improve company service quality and risk control ability, create light performance excellence management brand, Chuangxinjia start to embarked on the preparations for ISO quality management system when the company founded. Except to do quality management conscious propaganda and guidance for the employees, mainly around the revision and improvement the quality management system in all kinds of documents, also our company doing a lot of training and communication of all staffs. Chuangxinjia first time acquisition ISO9001 quality management system certification in Sept 2013. 

Chuangxinjia company

Recently, the recheck of Chuangxinjia quality management system ISO9001: 2015 is underway. After a comprehensive review, the certification center team said that Chuangxinjia is completely up to standard. Our quality management system running effectively, in line with the ISO9001: 2015 standard. This is the national authority certification body's highly affirm for Chuangxinjia management level. It also make us to remember that we need to do the best always. 

ISO9001 review

ISO9001 is the most comprehensive, highest recognition degree, the most just and science, highest standards quality management system in the world at present. The certification aims to improve product reputation, reduce duplication check, weaken and eliminate technical barrier to trade, safeguard producer, distributor, user and consumer's rights and interests, increase customer satisfaction.

According to understand: ISO9001: 2015 standards issue and implementation in Sept 2015. The new edition standards added the internal and external environment evaluation, the needs and expectations of relate party, coping risks and opportunities, performance management and other content. Pay more attention to the enterprise operation process and performance management. 

Chuangxinjia factory

As a professional RFID product supplier and RFID solution provider in IOT. Can again passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, it means Chuangxinjia already reached international standard in various management system. Our company's internal standardization management, service quality and service consciousness completely satisfy the requirement of science standard management system. At the same time, Chuangxinjia has won more and more customer satisfaction, will also be stronger and stronger.