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Aluminum Foil RFID Blocking Sleeve's Function and Application

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2016-11-10 17:59:54

Aluminum Foil RFID blocking sleeve is made of soft electromagnetic shielding material. It can protect IC card from electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation and has air tight, light insulation, anti-static, anti-radio frequency functions.

rfid blocking sleeve
Main Function:
1.Prevent strong electrostatic interference
2.Prevent strong electromagnetic fields damage
3.Prevent personal information being scanning and skimming
4.Extend the valid lifespan of smart cards

Product Introduction:
Aluminum Foil Blocking Sleeve can effectively block the strong electromagnetic field, strong static electricity and heat radiation to protect IC cards from scratch and distortion, as well as shielding the electromagnetic signal of contactless ID card, preventing bad people use various different card readers to steal your cards for illegal crime usage, especially ID card.

1.Apply to protect all cards from electromagnetic interference.
2.Apply to the protection and confidentiality of the second generation id card.
3.Apply to prevent all kinds of contactless IC card chip circuit from being destroyed, and information leaked out, and information being stealing.
4.Apply to prevent all kinds of IC card chip or IC circuit from being damaged, and avoid the IC card information loss.
5.Apply to prevent magnetic card magnetic stripe from being destroyed by electromagnetic wave, causing loss of information.
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