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Hot Sharing Cross Chaoshan, Spead to Quanzhou, Ignite All Over the Country

  • Author:CXJ
  • Source:http://cxjgroup.com
  • Release on :2015-07-15
With the rapid development of E-Commerce, it is the trend for Traditional Business transformation, meanwhile more and more entrepreneurers joined cross-border e-commerce platform. Invited by Chaoshan & Quanzhou Fujian region of Alibaba, President Wu shared his “Traditional Business Transformed To Cross-Board E-Commerce”with local E-businesssman on 26-27 June.
The attendance arrived at the meeting room early, eager to gain a lot from this meeting to make their E-commerce operation more powerful. President Wu shared his experience and impressed the attendance how to create teams, manage intellectual and operate company; how to upgrade yourself.
President Wu’s experience sharing is a successful case for traditional business transformation, what are you hesitating for?