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NFC Wristband At Music Festival - Chuangxinjia NFC Wristband Supplier

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-03-19 17:16:42

The service uses NFC wristbands paired with a mobile app.

The service "eliminates the need for event attendees to carry cash or plastic," says Greg Gresh, CEO of Znap North America. "It speeds up and simplifies the purchase process, allowing guests to 'go wallet-less' and focus their attention on performances and activities without missing a beat."

To use the service, guests download the Znap app, connect it with their event ID wristband and then tap their wristband on an NFC pad to make a purchase.

"The NFC wristband is accessed and controlled by the Znap mobile app," the company explains. "Users can define purchase limits, review transactions, unpair a lost wristband and re-pair a new one, and manage security.

chuangxinjia NFC wristband factory

"In addition to facilitating mobile transactions, the Znap app enables consumers to manage loyalty points, rewards programs, coupons and special offers using their mobile devices."

Promoters can also make use of a range of capabilities designed specifically for festivals and live events, including controlling access to the venue and VIP areas, delivering and tracking promotions and special offers, and enabling anytime, anywhere check-out on portable point-of-sale devices.