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Patient Wristband & Label Solutions - Chuangxinjia Wristband Supplier

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-03-11 10:56:21

The healthcare industry requires solutions to their wristband and label printing needs - not just commodities.  ISG dealers deliver solutions that solve problems.  Regardless of the department - Registration, Nursing Units, Lab, Labor & Delivery/NICU - we offer the solutions that consolidate the wristbands or labels, hardware, software, installation, training and maintenance.



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Registration Wristband & Label Printing
Registration areas must print barcoded patient wristbands and labels quickly and efficiently.  There may be different requirements based on the type of registration, such as a different quality of label or kind of wristband.  Find out how you can print what is needed in a cost effective way and without having to initiate a major IT project.

Downtime Mode for Wristbands & Labels
Hospital IT systems do go down, sometimes on a scheduled basis.  However, Registration departments still must admit patients and produce barcoded wristbands for patient safety.  Learn about our easy options called ISG Downtime Mode.

Photo Wristbands
Some hospitals want to add a patient photo to the wristbands as another patient verifier.  But, how can this be accomplished?  Should you use color or black/white photos, how is the photo captured and stored, and how are they printed?  What about wristband reprints?  ISG dealers are photo capture experts and offer a variety of choices for you,

Bedside Lab Labels
Hospitals need the ability to produce Lab labels, such as specimen collection at the patient bedside.  Positive patient verification is critical.  Using a barcode scanner and ISG portable Bluetooth® printer, the clinician can quickly scan the patient wristband, clinician ID card, and quantity count.  A label is printed that includes the patient name, medical record number, blood band number, the clinician ID number, the date and time.

Newborn Identification Tags
How to barcode the babies?  That is a question that comes with implementation of automated barcode systems.  You need to identity the little ones with a tag that is comfortable, durable and easy to scan.  Our Newborn Identification Tags are the perfect solution!

On Demand Labels
The ISG On Demand Label system solves a huge problem - how to print the right number of labels without wasting time and money.  Sheets of laser labels are expensive, wasteful, and the unused labels must be shredded.  With thermal labels, the employee must log-in to their workstation, select the patient, and select the number of labels to print.  This is too slow.  With On Demand Labels, the needed number of labels is immediately printed by scanning the patient chart of wristband.  It is like magic!