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The workshop transformation and management upgrade

From March 14,2011 on, our company—chuangxinjia has thoroughly renewed the compouding rooms.

In the mean time, The factory production department also completed the recruitment of new staff. .

Besides, We also upgrated and improved factory’s management. In future, Staff/works only can be allowed into the production lines.

Visitors, or sales must ask for permission before entering, and wearing a ID card. The production workers  in the factory Department must replace the the uniformed clothes and slippers to go into and out of the workshop.

This indicates that the management of the Ministry of our factory takes another big step forward.

The implemented of these systems strengthens the confidence of employee. This morning,Tangwenchu,the general manager of the producton factory, announced a notice saying:the delayed orders will be all finished before this  23.

The production is also increasing sharpely, we look forward to a new record of production. Here, We feel sorry to the new and old customers if there is any inconvenience and delays, and say thank you for your understanding and great support.We believe that the emergence of the problem will make us stronger to improve our management system,efficiency and productivity,which provide us a better platform and service for long-term cooperation.