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Detailed Description Of The Application Trend Of Pet RFID Glass Tags

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2015-01-21 11:13:32

Pet RFID glass tag is the most advanced management method for pet management in the world. It is a micro electronic chip made by special packaging process using RFID technology. It has the advantages of unique identification, large information capacity, simple operation, quick and accurate reading, unforgeable, permanent use, etc.


rfid glass tags


How to use pet RFID glass tags?



The pet RFID glass tag is implanted under the skin of the pet through a syringe. As the pet's electronic ID card, the chip can store the pet's basic information, including the pet's birth, breeding, quarantine, veterinary drugs, owner and other information for writing and reading . So as to realize the automatic identification and analysis of pet genealogy, identity, owner and its lifetime reproduction, health, epidemic prevention and other information.



How to identify pet RFID glass tags?

By using the electronic chip recognizer to scan the position of the pet chip, the chip information can be automatically recognized. Generally, pet hospitals have recognizers, such as the special recognizer JY-KT50B2 or JY-L9720 for pet recognition.

The Application Trend Of Pet RFID Glass Tags

Are implantable pet RFID glass tags harmful to pets?

Pet RFID glass tags will not harm the health of pets. Because there is a layer of biofilm outside the chip, with this layer of film, the chip is fixed in the position where the doctor hits. The other is that the membrane can play a role in disinfection and sterilization without infection. Moreover, it has good environmental adaptability and is not easily damaged. For pets, this chip does not have any postoperative side effects.
pet rfid glass tags

Why is pet RFID glass tag a new trend in pet management?

1. With the internationalization of the pet market, pets from various countries are circulating globally. At this time, the pet RFID glass tag plays the role of a global unique identity. No matter which country the pet is in, you can check the pet breed, where it comes from, and how old it is through the RFID electronic chip. It is not only convenient for unified management. Moreover, it can effectively manage traceable data, realizing the informatization of global pet management.

2. With the expansion of the pet market, the pet management system will definitely need to be continuously improved, and then upload the electronic chip information to the pet management system through the Internet of Things technology, so that no matter where your pet is, you can query the specific information of the pet.