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The NFC Tag Function Has a Wide Range Of Applications

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-11-04 14:58:37

At present, the application range of NFC tags is quite wide. For example, when we buy portable speakers, we will see audio products with NFC smart pairing function. Users only need to turn on the NFC function of the mobile phone and scan a specific area of the audio. The Bluetooth pairing connection between the mobile phone and the speaker can be realized, eliminating the need for the traditional password pairing link. In fact, there is an NFC smart tag built into the speaker. The tag is set to turn on Bluetooth and complete the pairing operation. At the same time, in a large environment with many people and many devices, it can be connected directly by touch, which effectively avoids connection errors. Embarrassment of other people's equipment. Of course, this is just a hidden NFC smart tag. There are actually many NFC tags in our lives that are nakedly displayed in front of our eyes, but we didn't notice it.



The NFC Tag Function Has a Wide Range Of Applications

Different tags can also achieve different quick operations. For example, the NFC smart tag at the entrance of the meeting room can set the phone to the conference mode with a single swipe, and placing an NFC smart tag in the private car can also allow the user to quickly switch to the driving mode. , Of course, if you want, you can also directly make a call to a specific person by scanning the NFC smart tag. From the perspective of smart life, this experience is undoubtedly very cool.


The NFC Tag Function

In fact, as a very convenient way of information interaction, the real use of NFC is to improve the convenience of mobile payment. If you place an NFC mobile phone near a public facility with NFC function on the street, you can browse various information such as traffic, performances, and weather. Huawei Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay that are already in use all include this NFC near field communication payment function. In addition to these Pays that can replace bank cards for credit card services, users can swipe their mobile phones. To take public transportation, the user needs to go to the mobile business hall to exchange for a SIM card with NFC mobile payment function, and then when the card needs to be swiped in transportation, just swipe the phone directly. Those who are struggling to find a bus card in the back will see the change directly Become dumbfounded.


chuangxinjia nfc tags phone payment

As mentioned earlier, NFC tags are very good at the experience level, and this can just happen to become an entrance to future smart life. Imagine that when you wake up every day, everything you want to do can be achieved by swiping your phone. For this, I can only say that the picture is too beautiful to imagine! It is worth mentioning that, as a door to the future of smart life, the mentioned NFC smart tags are now easy to buy, and you can find a lot of them in a random search on a universal treasure, and the price is very cheap. With these NFC smart tags, it’s no problem to regenerate your NFC phone!