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How Does RFID Effectively Manage Jewelry?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com/ 2019-12-18 13:44:00
ONE: Project Background

Jewelry is a valuable item. Both jewelry merchants and jewelry users have a strong awareness of protecting jewelry. Especially for jewelry merchants, many jewelry need to rely on certain technologies to achieve secure management. The jewelry management system better realizes the management of jewelry safety.

TWO: System Introduction

1.System principle

The jewelry management system uses RFID, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It obtains relevant information and data on jewelry through automatic identification signals, and the identification attributes are not subject to human interference. The advantages of RFID itself can identify long-distance, high-speed moving objects and multiple tags at the same time, and the playground is relatively simple.

2.System operation

First of all, the RFID tag is attached to the jewelry first, and then the jewelry counting device is used for jewelry detection, monitoring and tracking, which can achieve real-time access to jewelry information and achieve high-efficiency jewelry management functions.

3.System components

The system is composed of RFID tags, electronic tag detection equipment, antennas, computers, management system software, and corresponding network equipment and network data interfaces.

Rfid tags: Jewelry tags are mainly paper and are hung on the jewelry to store jewelry information, such as jewelry name, origin, specifications, model, manufacturer, etc.

Electronic label detection equipment: Handheld PDA terminal detection equipment to detect related information of jewelry so that jewelry can be better managed.

Antenna: The antenna is mainly installed at the entrance where people enter and exit. It can also monitor the members while managing the staff of the jewelry store.

THREE: System Solutions

1. Jewelry inventory management

Through the RFID jewelry management system, regular jewelry inventory can be realized, which is convenient and fast, and can be transmitted to the supervision server through the local area network in time.

Jewelry inventory review, according to the handheld terminal for jewelry data information collection and management of jewelry system data for total comparison, jewelry information can be verified one-to-one, the occurrence of asymmetric information can prompt the alarm.

2. Jewelry abnormal alarm management

A dedicated antenna can be installed under a specific cabinet of jewelry, which can record real-time information such as the time when the jewelry is taken in and out of the jewelry cabinet, the number of times, and the sale time. If the jewelry is abnormal during the final sale to the customer, the system can issue an alarm in time. This function can timely find out the strangeness of jewelry in the sales process, and can manage it in time.

3. Application in jewelry display

According to the relevant situation of the facade store, rfid antennas are arranged in the display counters, display trays, display racks and other areas. For example, employees can take the jewelry out of the counter and put it in a tray for customers to watch, and they can put the jewelry in a smart tray for display. These processes will be monitored by the antenna installed under the counter, and if the jewelry leaves the security area, an alarm will be triggered to remind the staff to do a safety alert.

FOUR: System Functions

1. Jewelry entry and exit warehouse management

Information management through RFID tag and jewelry can automatically collect and record information such as jewelry entering warehouse and sales;
Jewelry monthly sales statistics, according to the set time and category, statistics of monthly jewelry sales and make timely response to this;

2. Jewellery real-time monitoring

According to the inventory of jewellery installed on the counter, it can be used to monitor and track the situation of jewellery, summarize and record in real time.

Five: Related Equipment

Jewelry Tag
PDA Handheld Terminal