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What are the advantages of RFID electronic tags on laundry

2017-11-07 10:36:19
RFID Laundry tag is small and thin, durable and soft, not only need not worry about waterproof and temperature when washing, bending and extrusion can also be handled easily. So laundry labels can be used in a variety of clothing, and wearing comfort will not be slightest influence.

UHF electronic tags can be batch read in a short time without contact, which can greatly improve the efficiency of clothing management. By sewing a piece of UHF washable RFIDtag with detailed information into the clothing, by tracing and positioning, not only can grasp the specific location and status of each piece of clothing, but also the additional information such as the number of times of use and the replacement period can be clear at a glance. So that the management work of uniforms work clothes is more efficient and accurate.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia specializes in RFID laundry labels, which can use the reader and antenna of the current market to read the information, so the system construction will be simpler.

RFID washable tags are with "waterproof", "pressure", "high temperature", "alkali-resistant lotion" and other characteristics, which ensures that it can be used under a variety of environmental conditions. High durability can ensure that the cycle of washing (washing, dry) can reach more than 200 times and can be ironed for 5 minutes at temperatures up to 250 °C.

Laundry labels used in hotel, hospital, bathhouses and professional washing companies to manage thousands of work clothes, linen transfer, washing, ironing, finishing and otherprocesses, through improved supply chain management can save 40% of the working hours.

RFID electronic tags on laundry

Application of RFID laundry tags in high-end clothing brands
RFID laundry label is also a anti-counterfeiting weapon. For brand clothing, adding anti-counterfeiting labels can also be used as the basis for after-sales.

As the high-end clothing generally have specialized ironing mechanism, and clothing is more exquisite on washing method, water temperature, so while washing, by scanningelectronic tag, not only can identify the authenticity, the background can also inform the laundry the temperature and laundry way of the clothes to provide better service.

Arrived at the laundries, from the cashier began to add laundry electronic labels on the clothing, then the clothes sent to the factory to scan, entry into clothing related information, such as customer information and requirements, and then classified by category, statistics, and then send to wash, after washing write into the laundry information,and then scan the factory, store scanning sign.

In addition, RFID laundry label is also a effective way for the production management of the brand. The stores will read the labels and send the information to the backgroundservice center when they sell the clothing. The manufacturers can track the sales in real time and grasp the market reaction of each clothing line.

Application of RFID laundry tags in hospital sick clothes

Why these small RFID laundry labels can help to improve the efficiency of laundry management? Because the electronic tag sewn on each piece of clothing, it can be button-shaped or a strip of just a few square centimeters.

First of all, RFID laundry tags that record the clothing belongs (name, department, floor), material, what should pay attention to when cleaning and other related information through a small sack or directly sewn to the clothing to be managed. Then, the laundry can be placed in a laundry basket into RFID tunnel counting device, can see clearly from the screen of the RFID tunnel counting device in the laundry basket how many pieces of clothing, which clothes belong to which person, what should pay attention to during theprocess of laundry.

After cleaning the basket of clothes, then the laundry basket will be sent to the RFID tunnel counting device, you can immediately see the relevant data of the basket of clothes and check the total number of clothes. The system can record washing times every piece of clothes, send and receive time for washing, also can read the information of each piece
of clothing through the corresponding handheld device, so as to facilitate sorting the clothes into different categories and avoid errors.

In operation, the status of clothing can be automatically recorded by reader, for "tracking management". Because of the need to repeatedly clean, the label on the waterproofrequirements are high, and must withstand pressure and wear high temperature. Surprisingly, the use of such "high tech", if apportioned to each wash, the cost of each piece of clothing will only increase three or four cents.

Which one is the best RFID laundry tag manufacturer? Shenzhen Chuangxinjia focus on RFID label over 15 years. The laundry label is a safe, non-toxic, wear-resisting andenvironmentally friendly label specially tailored for cloth printing and dyeing industry, washing industry and medical logistics and other professional field. Also applicable toother high temperature, high humidity, high labor intensity work situations. If you need to purchase or understand this information, you can always consult customer service orsales at anytime.