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UHF RFID tags for asset management

2018-08-01 15:10:47
At present, many enterprises are beginning to seek automated management in asset management, especially the emergence of UHF RFID tags has solved the traditional manual management methods, UHF RFID asset management tags are used in RFID asset management system, RFID asset management tags can make asset inventory work faster and easier, improve the management level and efficiency of enterprises.
uhf rfid tags

1. What is UHF RFID tag?
UHF RFID technology has the ability to read multiple tags at one time, has strong penetrability, can be read and written multiple times, has large memory capacity, low cost, small size, convenient use, high reliability and long life. It has received the attention of all countries in the world. When the RFID asset management system is managed, it will paste the electronic label on the assets that need to be managed, and quickly scan through the identifier, which is very convenient in the asset inventory application. As the demand in the market increases, so more and more developers developing RFID asset management systems.

2. Application of UHF RFID tags in asset management
The fixed asset management system has established a set of solutions including fixed assets and subsidiary assets management through seamless integration with the existing ERP or financial system of the unit. Covering the whole process from asset addition, including equipment daily collection, return, inventory, transfer, scrapping and other assets. The solution uses RFID/barcode management to print a unique asset RFID/barcode label card for each asset, and establish a unified "identity card" for each physical asset to ensure asset name and storage location, users and other information follow the assets, use the data collector to achieve RFID / bar code automatic identification, complete the on-site information collection of asset physical management, ensure the feedback of real real information, and greatly improve the benefits of physical management. The system function modules are mainly divided into basic data, system management, asset daily management, asset inventory, shortcut function, view, statistical report, mobile terminal inventory software and other major modules. From the process, norms and standards to achieve the entire process of asset management, multi-dimensional realization of asset management and information analysis, to provide more standardized management system and information service platform for more enterprises and institutions.

RFID asset management system includes operations such as adding, transferring, idle, scrapping, repairing, and inventorying assets, it covers the entire process of asset acquisition, commissioning, and scrapping. RFID asset management software is to add electronic tags before the assets are put into use, and the tags are written into the asset information. The device dedicated to RFID reading and writing can read the details of the assets and process them to realize the tracking of the assets. Save time and increase speed when doing asset inventory and other services.

The application of UHF RFID tags in asset management is shared above, need to remind everyone that enterprises should pay attention to the combination of software and hardware when choosing UHF RFID tag asset management. First of all, the software technology should meet the requirements of the enterprise, and then the hardware should choose the scanning equipment with good quality.