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RFID tag makes management easier and enterprise profitability exceed one million

2018-03-07 17:51:37
With the advancement of science and technology and increasingly fierce market competition, enterpreneurs have been increasingly pursuing the principle of organizing and accurately visualizing information for the management. However, the management of enterprises nowadays faces increasingly severe challenges and difficulties and can not control the specific and explicit data information, which leads to the loss of business information, mistakes, not only failed to make a profit, but cause serious economic losses, and even business collapse.

Today, RFID tag technology has been highly recognized worldwide by the industry. It has long-range batch reading and automatic identification and can wirelesslyconnect all the items to the Internet. RFID is also a process control technology to speed up the data visualization management of data statistics, transmission, query and read,and sharing, to realize scientific information management in all aspects of production tracking, circulation, inventory and sales, and to monitor all aspects. It is convenientfor the managers of the enterprise to take macro control and realize the overall improvement of production efficiency and quality. The breakthrough of millions of enterprises' profits will be just around the corner.

Why RFID technology makes management easier, corporate profits exceeded millions? Here are a few application cases for your reference.

rfid application

1, Retail management application:
The application of RFID technology has organized and ordered the management of tens of thousands of commodity types, commodity prices, producing areas, batches, shelves,warehouse inventory and sales, effectively reducing the items out of stock, and ensuring product quality, reducing the backlog of goods, while improving the utilization of shelves, improving data collection, reducing labor costs and significantly improving work efficiency.

2, Automated production line application:
In the automated production line, through the application of RFID tag technology, the entire product manufacturing process and management can be monitored, In addition,in theprocurement, inventory management, after-sales and other aspects, RFID tag technology makes the overall efficiency, quality and CS fully improved.

3, Warehouse logistics management application:
Enterprise warehousing logistics management is particularly important, if can not guarantee the normal purchase of goods, shipping and inventory control, will bring huge losses to the enterprise.

Warehousing logistics management system is based on RFID identification technology for cargo identification tracking, management and inspection of cargo information platform.The system combines advanced RFID technology and computer database management queries to automatically identify the cargo information. Intelligent and information manage the enterprise logistics goods, to automatically record the goods out of storage information, inventory of intelligent warehouses, record and release of goods status information, output vehicle status reports and other functions, the effective control of goods information is easy to manage, while the system application also greatly saves manpower and material resources.

4, Library, art galleries and museums and other social service agencies:
The core of the system adopts RFID technology to achieve automatic data collection capabilities, combined the database with software management system to achieve self-service library borrowing, book inventory, book shelves, book search, book security, library card management, library card issuance, collection information statistics and more.Combining advanced RFID technology, database technology, with the book management system organically,provide readers with more convenient and efficient book borrowing, inquiries and other intelligent services, while recording the information of readers and books borrowing, and realize the unified management of the entire information process.

5, Vehicle management application:
The use of automatic vehicle identification technology makes the toll places such as roads, bridges and parking lots avoid the queuing of vehicles and reduces the time wasted, thus greatly improving the traffic efficiency and the capacity of traffic facilities.

6, Equipment management applications:
In device management, an RFID auto-identification system can bind a specific location of a device to an RFID reader and record the process as it moves out of the assignedreader's location.

RFID tag technology is widely used, typical applications: supermarket goods, medicine, animal husbandry, ticket management, air luggage identification, product security, mobilecommerce, logistics management, parking control, production line automation, material management etc., RFID Technology makes management easier, and your business profits faster.

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