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Introduction and Application of RFID Tire Tag

2017-10-23 11:06:50
1, What is the tire tag?
RFID tire tag is used to record data, and cooperatively used with rfid reader. It is passive normally.

RFID Tire Tag

2, Why do we stick electronic tags on the tires?
(1) Rigid requirements: In some countries, such as: the United States, European countries, and Japan and South Korea etc, they have introduced the law about rfid tire tag. In the law, it requires each tire must be sticked with rfid tag, so see whether tires meet the national standards through the attribute information, mainly from: tire fuel efficiency, rolling friction, the noise when rolling and the tire's grip when road conditions are not dry.

(2) The benefits of implanting rfid tags into tires:
Because each tire is with an identification code when leaving factory, same function as identity card, so when the tire is broken, the recovery can also be controlled;
Batch acceptance function, you can quickly scan dozens of tires using one RFID reader device;
Easy to manage, not easy to be illegal to steal, because there is encryption operation in the tire;

3, Where is the tire tag put in the tire?
It can be put inside the tire, but the reading effect may not be good. of course, it can also be polished by the tire surface, and then firmly stick to the rfid label.

4, What are the steps to use the tire tag?

There are two kinds of placement method we mention above, let's use the second method to illustrate, the specific steps are as following:

(1) clean: be sure to locate in the outer wall of tire, close to the tire bead, this should be noted that the distance from the bead not more than 6 cm, once finding the location, please use cleaning agents to clean, if there are debris, sticky effect will be effected.
(2) lines: affix the rfid tag to the location just selected, and then use the pen to draw on the label, mainly to determine the grinding area.
(3) polished: use automatic rotation sander to polish the selected position, so that the tire surface in the region becomes frizzled, and then do some simple cleaning
(4) Paste: Use the tire-specific glue to place the tire label against the polished area and cover the metal case on the label.
(5) use rfid reader to read and write.