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How to choose RFID UHF reader

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2018-10-19 17:29:28
RFID reader use RFID radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify item information through radio frequency identification signals, which can identify high-speed moving objects and simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags. It is quick and easy to operate.

RFID readers can not only read RFID tags, but also write data. The reader is widely used in identification, cargo identification, security authentication and data collection, etc. It is safe, accurate, fast, scalable and compatible.

RFID reader is divided from RF frequencies: LF reader, HF reader, UHF reader, dual frequency reader, etc. However, the most common are UHF reader. How to choose RFID UHF readers?

Types of UHF readers
Commonly on the market are: desktop readers, integrated readers, handheld readers, portable readers.

1. UHF desktop reader
The main function of this type of reader is the card issuing and the initialization of RFID tag data, which can read, write, authorize and format the tag. It is suitable for RFID card issuing in various fields such as warehousing, logistics, clothing and production line management and other fields. Features: small size, low cost, short reading distance.

UHF desktop reader
2. UHF integrated reader
The biggest feature of this type of reader is that the RFID reader module and the antenna are assembled into one machine. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, excellent protection performance, convenient installation and high cost performance, etc. It is mainly used for license plate anti-counterfeiting identification management, intelligent parking lot management, warehouse materials import and export supervision and identification management, airport baggage parcel identification management, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

UHF integrated reader

3. UHF handheld reader
The biggest feature of the handheld reader is mobility and portability. The operating system mainly has Android and win CE operating systems. The interface design is friendly. The RFID reading distance is from 0 to 8 meters. At the same time, it can integrate wifi and 3G/4G, Bluetooth, bar code and other functional modules, the read and write performance is directly related to the RFID chip module, built-in antenna.

UHF handheld reader
4. UHF portable reader
The biggest features of such products are: low cost, easy to carry, short reading distance, mainly using the operating system of the smart phone in combination, easy to operate and use. There are currently three main interfaces on the market: audio port, USB port, Bluetooth, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be used in different applications.
UHF portable reader

RFID technology is gradually entering people's lives, RFID automatic identification technology will play an increasingly important role in the management application of informatization, scientization and modernization.