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How does RFID smart card change life?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2017-05-18 10:52:26
RFID/NFC smart card change life

IC card is a kind of RFID smart card. This article briefly introduces how RFID smart cards change our lives.

Public transport industry: the bus IC card we used, such as Shenzhen Tong, it is RFID Smart Card applied in Traffic Field, We no longer have to prepare for the change when we take the Shenzhen bus and subway.

Medical industry: the social security card we used, it is a CPU card with high security.

Access control industry: The key chain used by residents, which built a RFID chip and coil, it belongs to a special-shaped RFID smart card.

Identification: From the the staff label of manufacturing enterprises to the second generation ID card now we are using, these are applications of smart cards in the field of identification.

Member industry: When we spend to the hotel / KTV, a lot of membership card / VIP card is M1 card which used Mifare S50 chip.

How does RFID smart card change life

Financial industry: At present the bank card we used is still a magnetic stripe card. We often can see the bank card was stolen brush crime news on television or the Internet. Actually because the magnetic stripe card is easy to copy and security is not high. Now the major banks are issuing chip cards. In fact, it is a CPU card, it has a very high security.

Summary: RFID smart card has been widely used in all aspects of basic necessities, greatly facilitate the people's lives.