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How do RFID trash can tags help garbage collection?

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2022-08-22 14:19:27

In today's Internet of Things era, RFID trash can tags are used to quickly solve garbage cleaning operations, and RFID tags with unique codes are attached to classified trash cans to record what kind of domestic garbage is in the trash can, the area of ​​the community where the trash can is located, Information such as the usage time of the trash can.

RFID trash can tags

After the identification of the trash can is clear, the corresponding RFID device is installed on the sanitation vehicle to read the label information on the trash can and count the working conditions of each vehicle. At the same time, RFID tags are installed on the sanitation vehicle to confirm the identity information of the vehicle, to ensure the reasonable scheduling of the vehicle and to check the working path of the vehicle. After the residents have sorted and placed the garbage, the sanitation vehicle arrives at the site to clean up the garbage.

trash can RFID tags

The RFID tag enters the working range of the RFID equipment on the sanitation vehicle. The RFID equipment starts to read the RFID tag information of the trash can, collects the classified household garbage by category, and uploads the obtained garbage information to the system to record the Domestic waste in the community. After the garbage collection is completed, drive out of the community and enter the next community to collect domestic garbage. On the way, the RFID tag of the vehicle will be read by the RFID reader, and the time spent collecting garbage in the community will be recorded. At the same time, check whether the vehicle is in accordance with the Designate a route to collect garbage to ensure that domestic garbage can be cleaned up in time and reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

trash can RFID tags wholesale

The first batch of residents participating in the trial in Shenzhen will receive sorted trash cans with RFID tags. The RFID tags in these trash cans are tied to the residents' personal identification information. The RFID tag reader on the garbage collection vehicle can read the RFID information on the trash can, so as to identify the identity information of the residents corresponding to the garbage disposal. Through this technology, we can clearly understand the residents' implementation of garbage sorting and recycling.

RFID trash can tags help garbage collection

After using RFID trash can labels for garbage classification and recycling, the information of garbage disposal is recorded in real time, so as to realize the supervision and traceability of the whole process of garbage recycling, which ensures that the efficiency of garbage transportation and treatment has been significantly improved, and every time garbage is collected. The processing information is recorded, which provides a large amount of effective data for realizing the intelligent and informatization of garbage management.

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