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Chuangxinjia Supplier Employees Sanmen Island Romantic Journey

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-08-11 15:34:37
After half year of hard working, finally it comes the annual sightseeing day of 2014. It really is the most romantic day for travelling because it is the so-called Chinese Valentine’s Day. Let’s all head for a romantic trip to Sanmen Island for two days and one night with your beloved one!
On August 2nd, 2014 we set out at 1:00 PM and spent about two hours on the way to the island. On our arrival everyone started to pitch their tents in pairs. After the tents are ready it came to the favorite part -- swimming in the beautiful sea and enjoyed the most relating moment.You could either walk along the beach to feel the cool and soft sands with your feet, or play games in the water. After sunset we gathered around for BBQ, enjoying delicious foods and breeze from seaside and it was all laughters. We chatted till it was quite late at night and went to sleep in the tents, looking forward to the exciting trip in the next day.
Work hard and play hard! That’s the philosophy we believe in. Let’s all devote ourselves to our work after the relaxing journey and fight for a brighter future together!

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