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For construction of hometown, start from me - Chuangxinjia Supplier

Chuangxinjia www.nfctagfactory.com 2014-06-27 17:12:57
“For construction of hometown, start from me”
--Community & Thanksgiving Trip of Great Creativity Group
Hometown, a forever haven we always concerned. Hometown, a place where we born and grew up. No matter how backward and in decline she maybe, we shall do our best for her when we have the ability to do something for her.

Wu Jun, President of Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Company; and Wu Teng,President of Guangzhou Feiteng Golden Card Company; as well as President of Zhanjiang Shengchang Feed Mill, who join in the community & thanksgiving trip of Great Creativity Group named “for construction of hometown, start from me”, come to Tongjiaowei village in Suixi country, and contribute their kindness to the hometown.
On June 7th, 2014, we reached village in the morning. People in the village welcomed us in line. We were deeply moved by their honest smile and sincere words. From their applause and thankful expression in eyes when listening to statements of leaders, we knew, how right we did for this village. Moreover, our three leaders gave warm greeting to the elders, and connected donation for building water towel in order to improve water supply with clear water.
Aim to upgrade economic development, and create happy life, President Wu Jun wish all villager enjoy happiness with good health, forward together with thanksgiving to the world. Wish villagers own active attitude, take action to create wealth and life, as well as the thankfulness to life. Wish Tongjiaowei Village union together to reach a wonderful future.
In the afternoon, President Wu Jun, President Wu Teng, and Liu Qiong,Chairman of Shenzhen public wealth foundation, reached Suixi Yanzhao Primary School to get knowledge of facilities and education condition. There are 109 teachers and students in Yanzhao Primary School. Only 5 teachers who have to shoulder the responsibility for education of students from six grades. If without the assistant from other countries, the education of school should faced with great difficulties and hard to maintain. Headmaster of the school hope to change the situation by assistant from two aspects. One is to increase subsidy for teachers and employ more teachers, in order to increase the quality of education. The other is to improve facilities, strengthen securities for students.

Do something when we have the ability to do something, then why not?

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