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NFC Wallet With Support For Prepaid And Gift Cards - Chuangxinjia NFC Factory

  • Author:Chuangxinjia
  • Source:www.nfctagfactory.com
  • Release on:2014-05-06

Canadian telecommunications operator Rogers Communications has added support for various agenda types to its Suretap wallet service. New NFC-enabled cards cover Rogers prepaid Mastercards and quota cards from many merchants, including Swiss chalets, milestone barbecues and bars, Montana cookware, Harvey, Kelsey , Indigo, Earl's Restaurant, Ardene and Spafinder Health 365.

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"In the Suretap wallet app, Barter Trade can add funds to their prepaid cards, analyze annual balances, outbound transaction history, and use location-based outbound services to get contactless payments," Rogers said. Adjacent retailers. "" In the future, the Suretap Wallet device will take action on increased banker allowance cards such as ample compliance cards, coupons and ID cards. "

To use the service, Barter charges one of the nine currently supported Android and BlackBerry 10 NFC smartphones, the $ 12.99 Suretap LTE SIM agenda, and the Android or BlackBerry 10 copy of the Suretap wallet app. The annual fundraising event will also continue with a similar CIBC mobile payment app program, enabling the bank's acclaimed agenda holder to complete the contactless payment app for Rogers NFC phones.