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Chuangxinjia RFID Manufacturer Provides RFID Products And Services To Customers In Various Industrie

  • Author:Chuangxinjia
  • Source:www.nfctagfactory.com
  • Release on:2013-12-20
chuangxinjia rfid factory

Chuangxinjia RFID manufacture provides UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Organizations use Chuangxinjia's RFID products and services to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and security of their supply chains, logistics and asset tracking operations. Chuangxinjia's products include RFID tags, RFID readers and related training and professional services. Chuangxinjia's patented Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA) technology and related proprietary manufacturing processes are designed to enable the manufacture of high volume, low cost RFID tags.

chuangxinjia rfid factory

Chuangxinjia was founded in 2005.Chuangxinjia has witnessed the technological innovation from rfid card to rfid tag, the overall change of market products in the past 12 years, and registered "Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID Tag Co., Ltd." in 2010. At present, Chuangxinjia has developed into a National High-Tech Enterprise, which is specialized in the integration of production, market and research.