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NFC phone bus card, a new smart tranportation life is coming to Peixian's citizens

Aboard a bus, but no small changes? Too many people stay on line to recharge the bus card? Now don't worry, you can take a bus with your mobile phone!
Shi Weifeng, general manager assistance of Peixian Telecom told us, tap phone to take a bus, is a convenience brought from NFC technology.The users can tap the phone to pay and enjoy a new smart life with a NFC enabled mobile phone.
We were told that, NFC is derive from RFID and interconnectivity technology. It effects to be a card reader, card and P2P, which can identify compatible devices and transfer data with each other in a short distance.
“ it is so cool, many people are asking me how to make it happen!” Wang Yunhao, who is the first “Phone Card” holder told us. In his opinion, why tapping a phone to take a bus is more convenient is that people wouldn’t forget to carry a smart mobile even he forgets to carry his wallet!
Tapping a phone to pay is understood to be same as traditional bus card. We made a test with the workers in the bus company. We tap a phone with specified card and tap it on the bus card reader, the reader says card passed with a “tik” sound! Shi Weifeng told our reporter” taking bus with tapping a NFC mobile phone this is a nice step moving on smart transporation.”