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Warmly Welcome Sincere Net-Entrepreneurs From Zhejiang District, Shunde and Shenzhen Come to Our Com

  • Auteur:Chuangxinjia
  • Relâchez le:2014-08-29
Learning is powerful, which can make the strangers get together. By the course of transformation from traditional industry to e-commerce, President Wu has stepped out Shenzhen, met many excellent entrepreneurs and made our developing road much broader.
In the two-day tour, from Aug 21 to 22, 2014, net-entrepreneurs from Zhejiang District, Shunde and Shenzhen have come to our company for visit exchanges. Everyone has a thirst for knowledge, which makes us can’t be wait to share the practical knowledge of foreign trade.
Learning is powerful, which can make the strangers get together. At first, Manager Zhu led them to visit and learn our company’s culture, history and use of personnel. Then, President Wu has shared the course How to Brilliantly Transfer From Traditional Industry to E-commerce. This course has accumulated his bit-by-bit efforts in the past, each opinion and principle is deserved to pondering and exploring.
As long as we seriously treat it, we will seek out our own ideas. Finally, this sharing course has won applause and recognition from the net-entrepreneurs; we also believed that they can gain more from this sharing.