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Smartrac launches RFID cable tie tag

Smartrac announces that they launch RFID cable tie tag(Ratch tag). The cable tag has high frequency (HF) and UHF (UHF), and can be used on rigging or cable for key equipment such as lifting, automotive wiring and supply chain and offshore operations. 

RFID cable tie tag

The company said that the cable tie tag with RFID capabilities previously used to achieve this function using transponders fixed on connectors. Now, Smartrac has safely concealed RFID components on the inner surface of the label housing. This ensures that the transponder unit can be integrated into the nylon material designed for durability and strength. The product is made of crystalline polyamide material and can be used in harsh industrial environments. A single-use ratchet mechanism helps prevent disassembly and reduces the risk of no tampering.

The transponder unit is integrated in the cable tie tag to prevent fraud. Heath Parkin works in Smartrac said in a prepared statement that, "By introducing the industry's first cable tie with fully integrated RFID tags, Smartrac has demonstrated its ability to continue to innovate and shape the RFID market. The new Ratch tag is well suited for many security key areas, to mark items that were previously difficult to identify. With the development of industrial networking, the label will be used in more areas."

In the HF and UHF frequency, the focus and short read range ensures read accuracy and avoids reading multiple tags at once. The company is also developing NFC- compatible versions to provide compatibility for more card readers. The size of the Ratch label is 195 mm * 4.6 mm, and the width of transponder section is 8.5 mm.