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OPPO mobile phone NFC label

OPPO mobile phone NFC label supporting applications

Starting in June 2012, our company and OPPO company jointly define and design OPPO mobile NFC tag concept. After three months of repeated changes and design, ultimately show us the perfect product performance. Beginning small batch production at the end of 2012, mass production began in early 2013. By the end of November 2013, our company has provided over 200 million NFC labels for OPPO.

The NFC label using metal silver PVC as the base card, with PET using different printing, so that the label has a good sense of concavity. Tags attached to the cards can be attached to non-metallic objects of different shapes, it is light and lovely. Can also be with the card as a whole, easy to carry.

Through the setting of labels, the NFC function of OPPO mobile phones can be used to operate the label in a perfect and fast way. So that users can have a deep understanding and application of NFC phones. The label is also a major highlight of the OPPO phone, which sets up the NFC standard for the domestic brand mobile phone.

Highlights of this application case:
1.NFC label is a very direct expression of the NFC function of OPPO phones.
2.NFC label design opens a precedent of the domestic with the card as the base material, tags and cards merge into one.