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Cheap NFC Tag Topaz 512 Chip

Cheap NFC Tag Topaz 512 Chip

  • Commonly used chip:
  • Broadcom Topaz 512
  • Common specifications:
  • Diameter 30 mm, 54*24mm, Diameter 25mm, 33*25mm, 40*20mm, 43*27mm, 85.5*54mm ...
  • The company brand:
  • CXJ
Cheap NFC Tag Topaz 512 Chip 

Cheap NFC Tag Topaz 512 Chip

1. Specification
Chip Model: Topaz 512 nfc tag  
Protocol: ISO 14443A
Frequency: 13.56Mhz
EPPROM: 512 Bytes
Reading range: up to 10cm
Data transmission rate: 106 k bit/second
Write endurance: 100000 times

2. Profile of Topaz 512 nfc tag 

Hard PVC material 
Size: 30 mm, 54*24mm, Diameter 25mm, 33*25mm, 40*20mm, 43*27mm, 85.5*54mm, or as request
Thickness: 0.76mm, 1.0mm,1.5 mm

3. Working Environment

Working life: 5 years
Store temperature: -25 ℃ ~50 ℃
Humidity:20% ~ 90% RH
Working temperature: -40 ℃~ 65 ℃


Printing and Laser Logo, Bar code and Serial numbers.

5. Application


Mifare Ultralight RFID tag/ Mifare NFC tag/ Mifare S70 rfid tag/ Mifare S50 rfid tag
Mifare tag/Mifare 1K tag/Mifare 4K tag
Mifare Ultralight C/Mifare ultralight tag/rfid tag

What Is NFC Used For ?

NFC can be thought of like putting a hyperlink on objects in the real word. NFC can be used for a wide variety of things, see some common examples below:
Marketing & Advertising - Consumers can get more information or coupons by touching an NFC tag. In turn, the company managing the tags can get analytics on their consumers.
Access Control - NFC tags can be used for users to gain entry into controlled environments. In addition, analytics can be gathered about where the user goes within that controlled space.
Mobile Payments - Users can pay for items and receive coupons using their mobile phone.
Mobile Phone Task Launcher - NFC tags can be used to launch actions within a mobile device such as calling a phone number or setting an alarm.

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