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Nintendo encounter new challenges after the size of pirated amiibo card

"Zelda legend: the wilderness" is hot and become the most popular game recently, the market "Zelda legend" theme piracy nintendo amiibo cards are widespread.

nintendo amiibo cards

Amiibo, that is, Nintendo interactive toys launched in 2014, the role is usually Nintendo game characters, through the built-in nfc card, amiibo can interact with wiiu, 3ds, switch game machine, to increase the game fun. Such as, in "Nintendo star chaos" the player can store their own specific role to fight. Exquisite design brings the collection and interactive features, which make amiibo become the collection object of lots of players.

The earliest listing of amiibo was with 12 styles, followed by hundreds of models launched one after another. Over the past two years, this series of toys supply and demand maintain a balance in general, Nintendo was willing to replenish the hot selling amillbo occasionally, for the players. in addition to the collection, the samll amount of fun which ambiio brings to the game is not the necessary reason to buy them.

Until the "Zelda legend: the wilderness" being launched, this game stirred up what it is involved: through the associated Zelda theme amiibo, players in the game can easily play the game material and treasure chest (including random items, there are Weapons, arrows, etc.). More importantly,this extra bonus is reusable.

Through amiibo, players can get different rewards in the game mentioned that "Zelda legend: the wilderness" global sales have reached 3.84 million till March 3. Up to now this number can only be more. High demand pushed up the price of amiibo immediately.

In the United States largest game retail chain gamestop, its "Zelda theme amiibo" saleprice is $ 12.99, almost out of stock across the board. And in ebay, people can buy almost all of these toys - if they are willing to pay $ 20-50 more.

People do not want to pay top dollar from a scalper, they tend to choose cheaper substitutes. So, attached to Nintendo Amiibo, a unique but deformed pirated amiibo card business was born.

Through searching, we find that piracy amiibo production is not complicated. As early as 2015, there are media reports such products,only a proprietary memory access device and nfc functional Android mobile phones can achieve analog amiibo function, it is almost of no difference from genuine products in interactive in the game.

And technical progress also reduces the amiibo piracy cost, through the "nfc white card", with Andrews mobile phone written amiibo information, it completed an amiibo card.

This card is popular in Taobao, ebay. The current most popular Zelda series in Taobao, 17 cards in total, can be reselled about 30-90 per set. In addition to printing difference,there are also key chain, card and other modeling distinction, And even the merchants also provide game Raiders, card sets etc. differentiated services.

Interestingly, many merchants do not think there is a problem with their approach, some people agree with their own "modern Robin Hood" role --expensive amiibo, or even long-term out of stock, the need for players rarely can buy it in a right price. And these homemade amiibo cards offer a much cheaper choice.

This makes the accusations focused on Nintendo, one merchant told kotaku, he would never pay more to the scalper, it was not fair to the player, and Nintendo should also increased production, or people would always find other methods......