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My Israeli customer

Tell about the story of my Israeli customer.

In January 2016, we began to contact and negotiate. He likes to call. At the end of January, we started to talk more intently, he let me make the PI. I am pleased to agree. But because of our factory's fault, the weight of the goods was wrong, the customer abandoned the contract, and withdraw the deposit. The customer is skeptical about us. Later, I insist to track and send him the samples. The customer finally accepted my advice in March and we started making a new contract. March is our company's PK month, I am pleased to look forward to the deposit of the account, but after several days, until 20th. Mar, I began to contact customers every day, but the customer is not online. Until Mar. 29th, because of my phone bombing, the customer gave me a reply, he said that the market situation is not good. He doesn't said he would order it, and he doesn't said he wouldn't order it. I lost my confidence. Anyway, he will not order I guessed. 

March soon passed into the April, i started working on the 10th or so, I almost got one order every day, until the 15th, I have signed 5 orders. At this time, my Israeli customer suddenly sent me a message, said he would like to order. But after some communication, I learned that he needs a little lower price, I put our stock again on the agenda. Make the conditions, if you need them all, how much my price will be? And the customer asked me to send him a contract. The contract is distributed to the customer in half an hour. The customer did not reply, and I did not continue to follow up. But the next day, on Sunday, the customer called me, it's Sunday today, they did not work, and ask me to keep the stock for him, and he would pay at the first time on Monday. On Monday, he send me the bank slip, and he paid the deposit. Our cooperation is reached happily.